Why Use Bicycle Specific Lubricants?

The short answer to this question is that professionally formulated bicycle lubricants consider three things specific to bicycles that other lubricants fail to address:

  1. Terrain that varies: from clean on-road paths to muddy off-road trails
  2. Variable climate conditions: from dry desert dust to coastal salt air
  3. Sophisticated mechanical components including multi-geared drivetrains, long travel suspensions, hydraulic braking systems, and more

Finish Line offers six distinctly different bicycle chain lube formulations that address each of these three considerations in their own way. These lubricants allow each and every cyclist to choose a lube that is perfect for their bike, riding style, riding conditions (climate and terrain), and their personal commitment to bike maintenance. Use our Lube Selector Tool and discover the perfect lube for your bike.

The small investment of time and money to use a professionally formulated and race-tested bicycle lubricant will:

  1. Reduce friction and wear on the drivetrain
  2. Help your bike last longer by repelling water, shedding grit and grime, and preventing rust in coastal areas
  3. Reduce pedaling friction
  4. Reduce drivetrain noise
  5. Improve the performance of your bike components including: faster and more accurate shifts, less cable drag and smoother, more responsive suspension and braking action

Finish Line works with bike manufacturers and professional race teams from around the world to test its products and ensure that they perform flawlessly at the highest and most demanding levels of the sport.

So why use bicycle specific lubricants? Because over time they help bikes perform better and last longer.

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