Grunge Brush™

Makes cleaning your bicycle drivetrain fast and easy

Designed to clean every part of a bicycle drivetrain, the Finish Line® Grunge Brush™ features two unique brushes. Horseshoe shaped bristles on one end are perfect for cleaning greasy chains, crusty jockey wheels, and grimy chain rings. Long, straight bristles on the other end are designed for cleaning cassettes, and derailleurs. The Grunge Brush™ can be used with water, or for a deeper clean, combined with one of our powerful liquid Finish Line® Degreasers. 

Features & Benefits:

• Deep cleans a bicycle drivetrain
• Patented 2-sided design makes it easy to clean all hard-to-reach places
• Ergonomic shaped handle gives ideal leverage and comfort
• Helps prevent premature wear
• Use dry, wet, or with degreaser

Available Sizes:

Grunge Brush™ MSRP: $12.99

Also available in a combo pack with lube and degreaser.

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