EcoTech™ Bike Degreaser

Tough on grime, safe for rubber and plastic parts

Finish Line® EcoTech™ is a fast-acting degreaser that’s tough enough to clean even the grimiest metal parts, but also safe for use around rubber and plastic components. This readily biodegradable degreaser is non-toxic and formulated with natural soy extracts. EcoTech™ is available as both an aerosol and a pour can which is ideal for use with our Pro Chain Cleaner. EcoTech™ can be rinsing off with water and dried with a clean cloth after application for a residue-free finish. This step is important so your fresh lubricant isn’t compromised when reapplying.

Features & Benefits:

• Safe for use with plastic and rubber parts
• Formulated with natural soy extracts
• Breaks down stubborn dirt and soils
• Readily biodegradable and non-toxic
• Removes grease, oil, and wax buildup
• Rinse with water and dry for a residue-free finish
• Strong enough to dilute with water for easier cleaning tasks

Available Sizes:

12oz. Aerosol Spray: $12.99

20oz Pour Can: $16.99

1 Gallon Jug: $79.99

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