Pro Care Bucket Kit 6.0

The Essentials of Bicycle Care! This Pro Care Bucket Kit includes six of the essential items you'll need to care for your bike and protect your investment. A clean and lubed bike lasts longer, looks great, and rides smooth and fast!

Includes both WET and DRY lubes so you're covered for both wet, long rides and also for dry, dusty conditions. There's a bottle of Super Bike Wash to keep your bike shiny and sparkling like the day you bought it. A Grunge Brush, 20oz can of Multi Bike Degreaser, and water tight Scrub Bucket make it easy to give your bike a thorough cleaning. The bucket also serves as a great storage place for all your bike lube and cleaners. We've included a Bicycle Maintenance Guide to give you the tips and instruction you'll need to keep your bike in top running condition.

A perfect gift item, the Pro Care Bucket Kit 6.0 sets you up with the essentials of bicycle care.

MSRP: $54.99

2oz WET Lube
2oz DRY Lube
1 Liter Super Bike Wash
Grunge Brush
20oz Multi Bike Degreaser
Water-Tight Easy-Carry scrub Bucket
Bicycle Maintenance Guide

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