FiberLink™ Tubeless Sealant

Finish Line FiberLink™ Tubeless Sealant is built with Kevlar® to deliver faster and stronger seals.

FiberLink™ represents a new standard for tubeless bicycle tire sealant. Developed with Finish Line's proprietary FiberLink™ Technology, this ground breaking pro latex formula seals quickly, ensures maximum seal integrity and delivers optimum longevity.

What is FiberLink™ Technology?

Kevlar® fibers work synergistically with fast-acting natural latex to seal punctures as they occur. Free-flowing latex cures rapidly to create an adhesive seal which is reinforced with interlinking Kevlar fibers.

Features & Benefits:

• Pro latex formula utilizes FiberLink™ Technology
• Kevlar® fibers ensure strong, long-lasting seals
• Low viscosity is ideal for race conditions
• Fast-acting natural latex reduces air loss
• Optimum longevity between refresh cycles
• Low odor and easy to setup

Common Applications:

• Mountain Bike Tires
• Gravel Tires
• Road Tires

How To... Install Tubeless Tire Sealant:
Click here to watch!

Tire Dosage Guide:

• Road - 2-3oz
• CX, Gravel, 26", 27.5" - 3-4oz
• 29" - 4-5oz
• 29+ - 5-6oz
• Fat - 7-8oz

CO2 Compatibility:

CO2 can be used with FiberLink™ Tubeless Sealant in an emergency when a pump is not available. However, the CO2 will reduce the sealant's effectiveness. For best practices, we recommend refreshing FiberLink™ soon after introducing CO2 to it. 

Product Information:

• 8oz Squeeze Bottle - MSRP $14.99 (FL2080101)
• 32oz Bottle - MSRP $39.99 (FL2320101)
• 1 Gallon Jug - MSRP $139.00 (FL2100101)



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