Gear Floss™ Microfiber Rope

The ultimate detailing tool for cleaning all hard to reach places

Finish Line® Gear Floss™ is the ultimate bicycle detailing tool and helps you clean all the time-consuming, hard-to-reach parts of a bicycle. It’s perfect for cleaning everything from cassettes and chainrings, to the most intricate braking systems. Microfiber ropes fit easily into nooks around your bike, attracting and capturing dirt within star-shaped grooves to leave a completely clean surface. There are 20 ropes in each pack and they can be washed for reuse.

Features & Benefits: 

• Microfibers attract, remove and capture dirt
• Gear Floss traps grease and grime particles inside star-shaped grooves
• Easy to use, position floss between gears and slide back and forth
• Includes 20 microfiber ropes - 20" / 51cm
• Washable and reusable

MSRP: $7.99

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