Pedal & Cleat Lubricant

Engineered to deliver fast engagements and smooth releases

Finish Line® Pedal & Cleat Lubricant is engineered to ensure fast engagements and smooth releases. It is formulated with Non-Stick Ceramic Technology and surface bonding resins to create an ultra-slick, protective dry-film. This film reduces friction to prevent annoying squeaks, and minimizes wear by not attracting or absorbing dirt. It sets up as a 100% dry-to-the-touch micro-thin coating. Factory approved by SpeedPlay, Pedal & Cleat Lubricant improves the performance of all types of clipless pedals & cleats.

Features & Benefits: 

• Improves the performance of clipless pedals and cleats
• 100% dry-to-the-touch lubricant
• Micro-thin coating will not attract dirt
• Stops squeaks and helps prevent wear
• Formulated with Non-Stick Ceramic Technology
• Nano-ceramic boron nitride particles bond to surfaces

Available Sizes:

5oz. Aerosol MSRP: $10.99

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