Pro Chain Cleaner

The quick, efficient, and easy way to deep clean your bicycle chain

The Finish Line® Pro Chain Cleaner is the premier tool for achieving unparalleled cleanliness for your bike chain. Constructed with a robust plastic resin, this cleaner is designed to withstand accidental drops without cracking. It can be conveniently filled with Finish Line® Citrus or EcoTech™ Degreasers, providing the ultimate deep chain cleaning. Engineered to seamlessly work with any bicycle equipped with a rear derailleur, the Pro Chain Cleaner effortlessly attaches to your chain. Equipped with three rotating brushes, two side plate scrubber pads, and a particle grabbing magnet, it offers a comprehensive chain decontamination process that takes less than a minute.

Features & Benefits: 

• Reduces lubricant mess and waste
• Ensures that no link is left unlubricated
• Makes your lube bottle last 50% longer
  than conventional method of lubricating 
• Includes 4oz lubricant and spare wicking pads

Available Options:

Shop Quality Chain Cleaner Kit: $37.99

Shop Quality Chain Cleaner-Solo: $29.99

Rebuild Kit: $7.99



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